The Cornucopia

With quality as a priority, we work hard to ensure that all the items we stock will meet your nutritional needs. We also keep prices low to ensure the greatest possible value. If you want to live a healthier and more productive life, then you need to take care of yourself through regular exercise, and by eating a nutrient rich diet. Contrary to what some people believe, eating natural products doesn't have to be expensive.
Family owned and operated by Dave and Dan Davis, our natural food shop has the best selection of quality items both homegrown and from your favorite distributors. Come by to feel the unique energy of our store. The Cornucopia is one of the only health food stores in the area offering such a unique selection of supplements and nutritional products. With a large raw food section, a fully stocked packaged food collection, and great variety of body care products, we have the healthy items you need for your well-being.
At our health food supply store in San Marcos we provide essential elements for healthier living, better eating habits, and products that will have you feeling good about your diet--and your budget. Speak to us today about our great range of healthy nutritional supplements and other products and our hassle-free ordering procedures.